#169 – Passwordless with Yubikey

(This episode is wholly in English, except for the short intro message)

Let the passwords go away! We’ve been thinking about it and then talking about it for so long that it isn’t clear when we even started. But, they’re still there and now we also have to contend with multi-factor authentication, mobile notifications and reading code from a paper on a daily basis.

The passwords must be unique and so complex we need an app to store them. Yubico have a token called Yubikey and is now activly pushing for adoption of their own standard called ”Asynchronous Remote Key Generation” (ARKG) that they hope will solve the ”What if I lose my hardware token”-problem once and for all. But can they? Dain Nilsson from Yubico thinks so and today Mattias and Erik talk with him about webauth, ARKG and Yubikeys. Check the show notes for an exciting raffle, where you can win your own Yubikeys!

Show notes:

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